Online Resources

Other places to find the Toronto Go Club on the Internet

Other places to learn and play go in the Greater Toronto Area
Lawrence Park Go School & Club run by James Sedgwick of the Canadian Go Association. Children classes are held Mondays and Thursdays, and meetings are held Mondays.
University of Toronto Go Club hold meetings Fridays.
Edithvale Community Centre meets every weekday afternoon.
Toronto Go Players Meetup meets every other Sunday.
Cecil Street Go Club started meeting Mondays.
Golden Key Go School runs go classes in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Oakville(?) and Scarborough(?). They also hold meetings every last Friday in Mississauga.
Gofun Studio runs go classes in Toronto, Newmarket, Whitby, Markham, Mississauga and Richmond Hill.
BenKyo Tutoring on FacebookTwitterTwitch and YouTube offers personalized online Go lessons and game reviews at very reasonable prices. is not accepting students at the moment.
Anime North, an annual 3-day weekend event in May. The Toronto Go Club and other local go enthusiasts run the go tables.

Online go servers for playing go
Pandanet is the original Internet go server and has Android and iOS apps.
KGS is a popular Java-based go server with high chat activity and has an Android app.
OGS is a browser friendly go server.
Tygem Baduk is a Korean go server with a large player count and has Android and iOS apps.
GoQuest is 9x9 and 13x13 go server with Android and iOS apps.
Dragon Go Server is a correspondence-based go server.
wBaduk is a Korean go server that has a rather bug-free UI.

Useful Sensei's Library links
Sensei's Library is a collaborative website all about Go. lists of go books, including some descriptions and reviews. where to buy equipment in North America. places to play go in Canada.

Other online resources
Tsumego Collection: Cho Chikun's Encyclopedia of Life and Death and other PDF's of life and death problems.
The Interactive Way to Go: interactive tutorial for beginners.
Canadian Go Association: the governing body in Canada for Go. large library of Go problems.
Dave Peck's Go: minimalistic website for correspondence Go, with support for notifications via email and twitter.
Josekipedia: collaborative joseki resource.
The Magic of Go: archive of the 428 issue weekly column by Richard Bozulich and Rob van Zeijst (last issue in 2007).

While we would not endorse any particular vendor for go equipment, we would be remiss if we did not mention the source of where our current go equipment cam from.